Game Boy Advance SDK Demos

Edit on Github | Updated: 28th March 2021

Version 3.0 of the Game Boy Advance Software Development Kit (SDK) was leaked on to the internet for everyone to enjoy.

There are some very interesting findings in this SDK, but this post will cover something particularly interesting, the demo games developed by Nintendo to show off the power of the GBA to developers.

If you look in the src/demos folder you will find two pretty cool GBA game source code projects. One is a Yoshi’s Story example and the other is called Dolphin featuring Ricky the Dolphin!.

Dolphin Demo

Dolphin is a demo game for the Game Boy Advance with very strong similarities to the Ecco the Dolphin series. You control a Dolphin called Ricky and can move through the water and go through rings. It is simple but a very nice tech demo for the possibilities of the GBA hardware.

You can see it in action in the video below:

This folder contains the main source code and build scripts required to compile the Dolphin example into a working GBA ROM.

File Name Extension Description
Agb_c2_s .bat Window Batch script to use Cygwin GCC to compile main.c
Gasdepend N/A Lists dependencies for the GNU assembler to know when to reassemble crt0.s
Makedepend N/A Lists dependencies to tell Make when to re-compile files
Makefile N/A Main Makefile used to build the project
bg .c, .h, .o Code for drawing Background images, such as water and coral floor
crt0 .o, .s Implements the start function and bootstraps the program, all GBA games need this as it sets up the interrupts and jumps to the main function
dolphin .bin, .elf, .map The generated game in both ELF and .bin (GBA ROM) formats, along with the linker map file containing all the final locations of code inside the game
dolphin_readme .txt A Brief introduction to the game and how to play it
enemy .c, .h, .o Main enemy logic such as drawing and hit detection
enemy_dat .c, .o Enemy animation data (references images for each frame)
game_dat .c, .o Just contains pre-computer sin and cos tables
gdbrc N/A Configuration for the GNU debugger for debugging the game
hitcheck .c, .h, .o Main collision detection logic
main .c, .h, .o This contains the AgbMain function which starts the game along with the other main game logic
player .c, .h, .o Main player logic such as drawing and moving
player_dat .c, .o Just contains player animation data, references to each of the images used and the delay of each frame
ring .c, .h, .o Contains all the logic for the rings, including drawing them and what happens when the dolphin moves through them
rom_header .s Assembly code that implements the common GBA ROM reader required of all GBA ROMs
Code Files


  • BgAnmPat[4] wave2nd_pat
  • Bg Light
  • Bg Coral
  • Bg OceanA
  • Bg OceanB
  • Bg Sky
  • u16[1024] UmiA_ScreenDat
  • u16[1024] Bg2_ScreenDat
  • u16[1024] Sky_ScreenDat
  • u16[1024] Sango_ScreenDat
  • s32 ocean_xPos
  • s32 sora_xPos
  • u8 DisplayArea
  • BgAnm wave2nd
  • void initwave2nd(BgAnm*)
  • void Anm_wave2nd(BgAnm*)
  • void InitBg()
  • void BgProc(s32,s32)
  • void Change_Bg_VRAM(s32,s32)
  • void UpdateBg(s32,s32)
  • void InitSky()
  • void Init_Sky_ScreenDat()
  • void DrawSky(s32,s32)
  • void DeleteSky(s32,s32)
  • void SoraRight()
  • void SoraLeft()
  • void InitCoral()
  • void InitCoralScreenDat()
  • void DrawCoral(s32,s32)
  • void DeleteCoral(s32,s32)
  • void CoralRight()
  • void CoralLeft()
  • void CoralUpDown()
  • void InitLight()
  • void InitLightScreenDat()
  • void DrawLight(s32,s32)
  • void DeleteLight(s32,s32)
  • void InitOceanA()
  • void InitOceanAScreenDat()
  • void OceanA_Idle(Bg*,s32,s32)
  • void DrawOceanA(s32,s32)
  • void DeleteOceanA(s32,s32)
  • void OceanA_Up(Bg*)
  • void OceanA_Down(Bg*)
  • void InitOceanB()
  • void InitOceanBScreenDat()
  • void DrawOceanB(s32,s32)
  • void DeleteOceanB(s32,s32)
  • void OceanB_Up()
  • void OceanB_Down()


  • Enemy[10] dEnemy
  • Awa[16] awa
  • Fukiya[4] fukiya
  • u32 const[1][2] Oam_def
  • u32 const[1][2] Oam_32x32dot
  • u32 const[1][2] Oam_16x16dot
  • u32 const[1][2] Oam_8x8dot
  • u8[12] anm_state
  • void InitEnemy()
  • void EnemyProc()
  • void CreateTeki(Enemy*,CharMapData*)
  • void HitCheck_Enemy(Enemy*)
  • void HitEnemy(Enemy*)
  • void DeadCheckEnemy(Enemy*)
  • void ControlEnemyMove(Enemy*)
  • void MoveShell1(Enemy*,u8)
  • void MoveShell2(Enemy*,u8)
  • void ShellAttackMove(Enemy*,u8)
  • void DeadMove(Enemy*,u8)
  • void LcdCheckEnemy(Enemy*,Player*)
  • void ShellAnim(Enemy*)
  • void ShellBaseAnim(Enemy*)
  • void ShellAttackAnim(Enemy*)
  • void ShellDamageAnim(Enemy*)
  • void ShellDeadAnim(Enemy*)
  • void DrawEnemy(OamData*,Enemy*)
  • void EraseEnemy(OamData*,Enemy*)
  • void InitAwa()
  • void AwaProc()
  • void CreateAwa(Enemy*)
  • void AwaMove(Awa*)
  • void DrawAwa(OamData*,Awa*)
  • void InitFukiya()
  • void FukiyaProc()
  • void CreateFukiya(Fukiya*,Enemy*)
  • void FukiyaMove(Fukiya*)
  • void DrawFukiya(OamData*,Fukiya*)


  • u8 const*[10] shell_base_pix_tbl
  • Anmpat[10] shell_base_anm_pat
  • u8 const*[21] shell_attack_pix_tbl
  • Anmpat[13] shell_attack_anm_pat
  • u8 const*[21] shell_yarare_pix_tbl
  • Anmpat[21] shell_yarare_anm_pat
  • CharMapData[12] shell_map_dat
  • Enemy_Oam_Data[10] enemy_Oam_Data


  • u32 const[1][2] Oam_16x8dot
  • u32 const[1][2] OamData_Sample
  • short[256] sin_tbl
  • short[256] cos_tbl
  • u8[256] sintable


  • void Fukiya2Dolphin(Player*,Fukiya*)
  • void Dolphin2Enemy(Player*,Enemy*)
  • void Ring2Dolphin(Ring*,Player*)
  • u8 RingPass(Ring*,Player*)


  • vu16 IntrCheck
  • u16 Cont
  • u16 Trg
  • u32[512] IntrMainBuf
  • ObjBuf Oam
  • u8[256] rasttable
  • u8 v_phase
  • s8 amp_r
  • s8 hz
  • u8 state
  • s16 counter
  • u8 offset
  • void(*[2])() pGame_func_tbl
  • IntrFuncp const[15] IntrTable
  • void AgbMain()
  • void VBlankIntr()
  • void HBlankIntr()
  • void VCountIntr()
  • void IntrDammy()
  • void KeyRead()
  • void GameInit()
  • void GameMain()
  • void GameOver()


  • u8 const*[6] r_kihon_pixel_tbl
  • u8 const*[8] r_kihon_idle_pixel_tbl
  • u8 const*[6] r_attack_pixel_tbl
  • u8 const*[9] r_down_pixel_tbl
  • u8 const*[29] r_up_down_pixel_tbl
  • u8 const*[19] r_jump_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTable2[7] rick_normal_move_pat
  • AnmTable2[8] rick_kihon_idle_pat
  • AnmTable2[19] rick_jump_anm_pat
  • AnmTable[6] rick_attack_pat
  • AnmTable[11] rick_kihon_fast_pat
  • AnmTable[25] rick_jump_pat


  • Player player
  • Player_Awa[4] player_awa
  • void InitPlayer()
  • void PlayerProc()
  • void DrawPlayer()
  • void RestrictPlayerPosition(Player*)
  • void PlayerActionControl()
  • void Chang_Dir(Player*)
  • void MovePlayer()
  • void ChangeWaterSpeed()
  • void Action1()
  • void JumpPlayer()
  • void Action3()
  • void InitPlayerAnim()
  • void PlayerAnim()
  • void Player_kihon_anm()
  • void Player_kihon_idle_anm()
  • void Player_updown_anm()
  • void Player_jump_anm()
  • void Player_idle_anm()
  • void Player_attack_anm()
  • void Player_move_rl_anm()
  • void Player_head_attack_anm()
  • void Ajust_Light_Reflection(Player*)
  • void BlinkPlayer(Player*)
  • void InitPlayer_Awa()
  • void Player_AwaProc()
  • void CreatePlayer_Awa(Player_Awa*,Player*)
  • void Player_AwaMove(Player_Awa*,Player*)
  • void DrawPlayer_Awa(OamData*,Player_Awa*)


  • Ring[20] ring
  • RingMapData[30] ring_map_dat
  • u32 const[1][2] Oam_32x64dot
  • void InitRing()
  • void RingProc()
  • void RingStateControl(Ring*)
  • void CreateRing(Player*)
  • void DrawRing(Ring*)
  • void RingNormal(Ring*,u8)
  • void RingPassed(Ring*,u8)
  • void RingHit(Ring*,u8)


This folder contains a brief document describing the Dolphin demo and the features it shows off.

The document is simply called DemoProgramDolphin.doc, it is only 2 pages long and mainly contains details about how to play the game.

However there are a few interesting parts including a very basic UML diagram for the game flow created in Microsoft Word.

The document mentions a few key features of the demo:

  • Usage of light reflections for the dolphin underwater
  • Character animation via DMA transfer to VRAM
  • H-Blank raster scroll processing

It’s funny how in the game source code the Dolphin’s name is Ricky but they only refer to him a “Dolphin” in the document, why give him a name like Ricky in the first place?

Bg_parts (dolphin/bg_parts)

This folder contains each part of the Background that makes up the game, in the original BMP format and the converted C source code equivalent and its compiled object.

The BMP files are the only files of interest here as they would be fed to a tool called bmp2map that automatically converts it to a C-file (basically just encodes each byte of the BMP as an element of an array in C). The generated C files would then be compiled using the standard GBA toolchain compilers (GCC) and the object file (.o) would be created as the result.

These object files would then be linked with the rest of the game code to generate the final ELF executable of the game, which would then be converted to a valid GBA ROM, whew!

File Name Extension Description
light4 .bmp, .c, .o A texture used to map on to Ricky when he is swimming under water to mimic underwater light
sango1024x256 .bmp, .c, .o The Coral right at the bottom of the sea
sora .bmp, .c, .o The sky image
umiA_ .bmp, .c, .o water image
umi_ab_256x512 .bmp, .c, .o Contains the water and sea floor
wave2nd1 .bmp, .c, .o Wave image used for animating at the top of the water
wave2nd2 .bmp, .c, .o Wave image used for animating at the top of the water
wave2nd3 .bmp, .c, .o Wave image used for animating at the top of the water

Images (dolphin/img)

This folder contains all the sprite images used in the game. In the foot folder we have a few Misc sprites such as a bubble and the ring sprites, most of the other sprites are in the Oumgai and Ricky folders.

File Name Extension Description
awa .bmp Bubble sprite
ring_32_64_left .bmp left sprite of the ring
ring_32_64_right .bmp right sprite of the ring

Oumgai sprites (dolphin/img/Oumgai)

In the Oumgai folder we have tons of animation frames for a sea creature known as a Nautilus in English and Oumgai in Japanese.

These are all in BMP but the resulting .c and .o files are in the dolphin/Obj folder.

File Name Extension Description
/Oumgai/O_fukiya .bmp A pink japanese Blowgun?!
/Oumgai/O_kihon/O_kihon00(0-10) .bmp Normal animation frames
/Oumgai/O_kougeki/O_kougeki000(0-20) .bmp Animation frames of movement
/Oumgai/O_yarare/O_yarare0(0-20) .bmp Animation frames of movement

Ricky sprites (dolphin/img/Ricky)

In the Ricky folder we have tons of animation frames for the Ricky sprite, moving up/down/jumping etc.

These are all in BMP but the resulting .c and .o files are in the dolphin/Obj folder.

File Name Extension Description
/Ricky/R_attack/R_attack(0-7) .bmp This folder contains animation frame of Ricky’s right attack
/Ricky/R_down/R_down(0-8) .bmp This folder contains animation frames of Ricky looking down.
/Ricky/R_up/R_up(0-8) .bmp This folder contains animation frames of Ricky looking up.
/Ricky/R_go_down/R_go_down(0-7) .bmp This folder contains animation frames of Ricky moving down
/Ricky/R_go_up/R_go_up(0-7) .bmp This folder contains animation frames of Ricky moving up
/Ricky/R_jump/R_jump(0-10) .bmp This folder contains animation frames of Ricky jumping
/Ricky/small/r_small(0-7) .bmp This folder contains small images of Ricky, not currently sure why
/Ricky/R_kihon/R_kihon(0-7) .bmp This folder contains animation frames of Ricky moving forward

Obj (dolphin/obj)

This folder contains the generated output of all the image folder’s BMP files, the GBA SDK tends to refer to Sprites as Objects hence the name of this folder.

These were generated by a tool called bmp2agb and then compiled from .c to .o in order to be linked into the final game.

There is no point in listing these files as they are exactly the same as the BMP files listed in the IMG folder.

Yoshi (/yoshi)

This folder contains a demo game based on the Nintendo 64 title Yoshi’s story, this was a very impressive example running on the GBA hardware.

You can see it in action in the video below:

All the source code is here to build the example yourself and it makes an excellent project to learn how to reverse GBA games as you can see the original source code.

File Name Extension Description
Gasdepend N/A Lists dependencies for the GNU assembler to know when to reassemble crt0.s
Makedepend N/A Lists dependencies to tell Make when to re-compile files
Makefile N/A Main Makefile used to build the project
Readme .txt Fairly detailed instructions for the game and how to build it
bg_proc .c, .o Logic for drawing the background layers
crt0 .o, .s Implements the start function and bootstraps the program, all GBA games need this as it sets up the interrupts and jumps to the main function
etc_bmp .h Include file that just exports pointers to each of the bmp images
gdbrc N/A Configuration for the GNU debugger for debugging the game
isle_bmp .h Include file for declaring pointers to every image of the rotating island sprite
ldscript .x Ld script that tells the Linker where to place data in the resulting ELF
menu .c, .o  
menu_bmp .h Include file for declaring pointers to every image of the menu
menu_dat .c, .h, .o  
oam_proc .c, .h, .o  
reverbpatch .o  
rom_header .s Assembly code that implements the common GBA ROM reader required of all GBA ROMs
soundpatch .o  
yos_anm .c, .h, .o  
yos_bmp .h Include file for declaring pointers to every image of the main game sprites
yos_game .c, .ext, .h, .o  
yos_game_dat .c, .h, .o  
yos_game_mov .c, .h, .o  
yos_game_pr .c, .h, .o  
yos_game_sub .c, .h, .o  
yos_main .c, .ext, .h, .o  
yos_main_dat .c, .h, .o Just contains pre-generated sin/cos tables
yos_sound .h Include file for declaring a few preprocessor macros used for sound effects
yos_type .h Include file for declaring a few custom coordinate types such as xyPos_tag
yoshi .bin, .elf, .map The main game executable in ELF format and the converted GBA rom file (.bin) along with the symbol MAP which shows where the code is inside the game

It is worth reading the Readme.txt file in this directory, most of the time Readmes are not that interesting but in this case you would be worse off not reading it. It provides an excellent overview of what the demo is showcasing and how it all works.

Code Files


  • short[256] tsin
  • short[256] tcos
  • u8[4096] Bg1_ScreenDat
  • u16[1024] Bg2_ScreenDat
  • u16[1024] Bg3_ScreenDat
  • u8 Bg_Mode
  • s32 prev_x
  • s32 prev_y
  • BgDat Bg1
  • BgDat Bg2
  • BgDat Bg3
  • s32 rot_center_x
  • s32 rot_center_y
  • vs32 bg2pa
  • vs32 bg2pb
  • vs32 bg2pc
  • vs32 bg2pd
  • vs32 bg2_center_x
  • vs32 bg2_center_y
  • vu32 scale_x
  • vu32 scale_y
  • vu16 rotate_value
  • int move_val_x
  • int move_val_y
  • float Bg1_Offset_X
  • float Bg1_Offset_Y
  • float Bg3_Offset_Y
  • int Counter
  • u8 Biyoon_Count
  • s32 Sa
  • int tileX
  • int tileY
  • int MapX
  • int MapY
  • int SoundSize
  • void bg_init(s8)
  • void bg_init_first()
  • void bg_init_gameover()
  • void bg_init_dead()
  • void bg_modified(s32,s32,s32)
  • void Bgmode1(s32,s32,s32)
  • void siro_anm(s16)
  • void Bgmode3()
  • void Bg2_UpDown(s32)
  • void SetBgTextControl(vu16*,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16)
  • void SetBgRotationControl(vu16*,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16)
  • void SetDispControl(vu16*,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16,u16)
  • void InitBg1()
  • u8 InitBg1_Map(u8,u8)
  • void BgUpdate(s32,s32,s32)
  • void RightBg1()
  • void LeftBg1()
  • void InitBg2()
  • u16 InitBg2_Map(u8,u8)
  • void RightBg2()
  • void LeftBg2()
  • void InitBg3()
  • u16 InitBg3_Map(u8,u8)
  • void RightBg3()
  • void LeftBg3()


  • u16 const[256] p0_yoshi_island_Palette
  • u8 const*[60] p0_isle_tbl
  • u8 const[60] p0_size_tbl
  • u8 const*[60] p0_map_tbl


  • s16 p0_isle_frm
  • s16 p0_count
  • s16[228] p0_h_org_b
  • s16[228] p0_h_tmp_b
  • s16[256][4] p0_h_bg2p
  • u8[1024] p0_BgBak
  • s32 p0_hsy_org
  • void p0_set_umi_sora()
  • void proc_0()
  • void p0_VIntrFunc()
  • void p0_VCountIntr()


  • s8[10] OamList
  • u8 oamNode_end
  • u8 oamWaitFlg
  • OamListNode[128] OamNode
  • AffineParamWork[32] affineWork
  • DmaReqDat[64] dmaReqArray
  • u16 dmaReqNum
  • AnmWork[64] anmWork
  • void make_OamBuf()
  • void clear_OamList()
  • void add_OamList(u8,s8)
  • OamData* new_OamData(u8)
  • void dmaReqSet(u8*,u16,u16)


  • u8 const*[] p1_yoshi_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTbl const[3] yoshi_anm_normal
  • AnmTbl const[16] yoshi_anm_walk
  • AnmTbl const[16] yoshi_anm_run
  • AnmTbl const[9] yoshi_anm_l2r
  • AnmTbl const[16] yoshi_anm_jump
  • AnmTbl const[65] yoshi_anm_kyoro
  • AnmTbl const[16] yoshi_anm_tyouhatu
  • AnmTbl const[16] yoshi_anm_funbari
  • AnmTbl const[2] yoshi_anm_kururinha
  • AnmTbl const[40] yoshi_anm_die
  • AnmTbl const[9] yoshi_anm_bring1
  • AnmTbl const[16] yoshi_anm_bring2
  • AnmTbl const*[12] p1_yoshi_anm_patern
  • AnmTbl const[9] hei_anm_walk
  • AnmTbl const[5] hei_anm_turn
  • u8 const*[] p1_heiho_pixel_tbl
  • u8 const*[] p1_heiho_b_pixel_tbl
  • u8 const*[] p1_heiho_g_pixel_tbl
  • u8 const*[] p1_heiho_y_pixel_tbl
  • u8 const*[] p1_heihoL_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTbl const*[3] p1_heiho_anm_patern
  • AnmTbl const[3] mbox_anm_normal
  • u8 const*[] p1_mbox_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTbl const*[2] p1_mbox_anm_patern
  • AnmTbl const[4] sun_anm_d
  • AnmTbl const[4] sun_anm_c
  • AnmTbl const[4] sun_anm_normal
  • AnmTbl const[4] sun_anm_s
  • AnmTbl const[4] sun_anm_sp
  • u8 const*[] p1_sun_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTbl const*[6] p1_sun_anm_patern
  • AnmTbl const[12] killerS_anm_normal
  • u8 const*[] p1_killerS_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTbl const*[2] p1_killerS_anm_patern
  • AnmTbl const[5] kokamek_anm_normal
  • AnmTbl const[5] kokamek_anm_ura
  • u8 const*[] p1_kokamek_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTbl const*[3] p1_kokamek_anm_patern
  • AnmTbl const[9] hosi_anm_normal
  • u8 const*[] p1_hosi_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTbl const*[2] p1_hosi_anm_patern
  • AnmTbl const[9] kurukemu_anm_normal
  • u8 const*[] p1_kurukemu_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTbl const*[2] p1_kurukemu_anm_patern
  • AnmTbl const[15] balloon_anm_normal
  • u8 const*[] p1_balloon_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTbl const*[2] p1_balloon_anm_patern
  • AnmTbl const[9] bomb_anm_normal
  • u8 const*[] p1_bomb_pixel_tbl
  • AnmTbl const*[2] p1_bomb_anm_patern


  • CharMapData const[36] p1_charMapData
  • xyPos const[26] p1_mapALine
  • u32 const[1][2] p1_OamData_Sample
  • xyPos const p1_yoshi_start_pos
  • CharSpecData const[34] p1_charSpecData
  • ObjChr const[39] p1_objChrTbl
  • ObjChr const[4] p1_objChrTbl2
  • AnmInfo const[64] p1_anmInfo_def
  • xyPos const[8] p1_hanabira_pos
  • s16[8] p1_hanabira_rot_tbl
  • s32 const[10] p1_tatenobi_tbl
  • u16 const[256] p1_obj_Palette
  • xyPos const[4] p1_kokamekPos
  • s32 const[4][3] p1_koumoriDat
  • xyPos const[8] p1_balloon_randv_tbl
  • xyPos[1] p1_balloon_pos
  • u8**[4] p1_heiho_pix_tbl


  • s16[3] p1_egg_se_tbl
  • void p1_yoshi_init1()
  • void p1_jump_se_set()
  • void p1_yoshiMove()
  • void p1_yos_histry_set()
  • void p1_heiho_move(u8)
  • void p1_heihoL_move(u8)
  • void p1_killerS_move(u8)
  • void p1_balloon_move(u8)
  • void p1_omori_move(u8)
  • void p1_bomb_move(u8)
  • void p1_kokamek_move(u8)
  • void p1_toge_move(u8)
  • void p1_hakoMove(u8)
  • void p1_charMove()
  • void p1_hanabiraMove()
  • void p1_eggMove()
  • void p1_effectMove()


  • void p1_yoshiPrint()
  • void p1_yoshiKagePrint()
  • void p1_eggPrint()
  • void p1_charPrint()
  • void p1_gagePrint()
  • void p1_heiKagePrint(xyPos,s8)
  • void p1_heiKagePrintL(xyPos)
  • void p1_bombKagePrint(xyPos)
  • void p1_effectPrint()
  • void p1_kokamekPrint()
  • void p1_kumoPrint()
  • void p1_koumoriPrint()


  • void p1_workInit0()
  • void p1_affineWorkInit0()
  • void p1_charWorkInit0()
  • s16 p1_yos_hit_yoko(xyPos,s16*)
  • s16 p1_yos_hit_tate(xyPos,s16*)
  • s8 p1_jimen_cross_chk_yoko(xyPos,xyPos)
  • s8 p1_jimen_cross_chk(xyPos,xyPos)
  • s8 p1_line_cross_chk_tate(xyPos,xyPos,xyPos,xyPos)
  • u32 p1_getMap(long)
  • s8 p1_line_cross_chk_yoko(xyPos,xyPos,xyPos,xyPos)
  • s32 p1_get_rel_pos(s32)
  • s32 p1_get_lap_pos(s32)
  • void p1_yoshi_dead_set()
  • void p1_yoshi_jump_set(s32)
  • void p1_effectSet(s8,xyPos,xyPos*)
  • void p1_balloon_dead(s16)
  • void p1_anim_work_proc()
  • s8 p1_turekomi_fly_pos_set(s32)
  • void p1_clear_anm()
  • void p1_key_chk()
  • void p1_calcDispPosition()


  • gGames p1_gGame
  • u8 p1_sub_status
  • s32 p1_line_count
  • YoshiWork p1_yoshiWork
  • EffectWork[32] p1_effWork
  • CharacterWork[3] p1_eggWork
  • CharacterWork[4] p1_kokamekWork
  • CharacterWork[8] p1_hanabiraWork
  • CharacterWork[48] p1_charWork
  • func_ptr const[4] func_tbl
  • void yos_game()
  • void VIntrFunc()
  • void game_init0()
  • void game_init1()
  • void game_main()
  • void game_over0()


  • s16 const[256] fix_sin
  • s16 const[256] fix_cos


  • gMainVal gMain
  • IntrFuncp[15] IntrTable
  • IntrFuncp const[14] IntrTable_0
  • void(*[2])() proc_func_tbl
  • void AgbMain()
  • void IntrDummy()
  • void VBlankIntr()
  • void KeyRead()

BMP images (yoshi/bmp/*)

This folder contains images used in the game in bmp format and the compiled versions in .c and .o formats (created with bmp2map).

File Name Extension Description
*/Makefile N/A Makefile to convert .bmp files into .o files by running bmp2map
*/bmpfiles N/A List of all the BMP files to convert (read from the Makefile)
islebmp/libislebmp .a Static Library archive of all the island animation images
islebmp/yoshi_island_9909070(1-60) .bmp, .o Each image is a frame in an animation of the island spinning around
menubmp/grade .bmp, .o Gradient image used for the menu
menubmp/kumo .bmp, .o Static-like texture used for the menu
menubmp/libmenubmp .a Static Library archive of all the menu images
menubmp/umi64 .bmp, .o Water image used for the menu
yosbgbmp/bg1 .bmp, .c, .o, .plb The background image used for the platforms/path that Yoshi walks on
yosbgbmp/bg2 .bmp, .c, .o The background image used for the hills in the background
yosbgbmp/bg2_5 .bmp The background image used for the hills in the background but with a texture applied to it
yosbgbmp/bg3 .bmp, .c, .o The background image used for the Sky (says made in japan on it)
yosbgbmp/libyosbgbmp .a Static Library archive of all the background images used in the level
yosbgbmp/tmp .bmp I think this is a tileset image?

What is the bg1.plb file and what is it used for? Possibly collision detection?

Yosbmp (yoshi/bmp/yosbmp)

This folder contains sprites used in the Yoshi level including all the animation frames.

This folder contains .imb files which are the result of calling bmp2bin on the BMP images and .o files which are the result of calling objcopy on the same images.

File Name Extension Description
CCCC_A .bmp, .imb, .o  
CCCC_B .bmp, .imb, .o  
CCCC_C .bmp, .imb, .o  
DDDD_A .bmp, .imb, .o  
DDDD_B .bmp, .imb, .o  
DDDD_C .bmp, .imb, .o  
HANABIRA1 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HANABIRA2 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HANABIRA3 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HANABIRAn_1 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HANABIRAn_2 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HANABIRAn_3 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HANABIRAy_1 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HANABIRAy_2 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HANABIRAy_3 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_001 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_001_b .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_001_g .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_001_y .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_003 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_003_b .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_003_g .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_003_y .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_005 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_005_b .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_005_g .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_005_y .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_007 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_007_b .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_007_g .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_007_y .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_009 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_009_b .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_009_g .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_009_y .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_011 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_011_b .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_011_g .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_011_y .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_013 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_013_b .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_013_g .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_013_y .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_015 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_015_b .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_015_g .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO929_015_y .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_l_001 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_l_003 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_l_005 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_l_007 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_l_009 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_l_011 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_l_013 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_l_015 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_l_turn_002 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_l_turn_003 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_normal_walk_turn_002 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_normal_walk_turn_002_b .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_normal_walk_turn_002_g .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_normal_walk_turn_002_y .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_normal_walk_turn_003 .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_normal_walk_turn_003_b .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_normal_walk_turn_003_g .bmp, .imb, .o  
HEIHO_normal_walk_turn_003_y .bmp, .imb, .o  
Makefile N/A  
NNNN_A .bmp, .imb, .o  
NNNN_B .bmp, .o  
NNNN_C .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_B2 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_B3 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_B4 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_B5 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_B6 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_M2 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_M3 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_M4 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_M5 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_M6 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_Y2 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_Y3 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_Y4 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_Y5 .bmp, .o  
PS_MEPACHI_Y6 .bmp, .o  
PS_U_turn1 .bmp, .o  
PS_U_turn2 .bmp, .o  
PS_U_turn3 .bmp, .o  
PS_U_turn4 .bmp, .o  
PS_U_turn5 .bmp, .o  
PS_U_turn6 .bmp, .o  
PS_U_turn7 .bmp, .o  
PS_U_turn8 .bmp, .o  
PS_hey1 .bmp, .o  
PS_hey2 .bmp, .o  
PS_hey3 .bmp, .o  
PS_hey4 .bmp, .o  
PS_hey5 .bmp, .o  
PS_hey6 .bmp, .o  
PS_hey7 .bmp, .o  
PS_hey8 .bmp, .o  
PS_jump1 .bmp, .o  
PS_jump2 .bmp, .o  
PS_jump3 .bmp, .o  
PS_jump4 .bmp, .o  
PS_jump5 .bmp, .o  
PS_jump6 .bmp, .o  
PS_jump7 .bmp, .o  
PS_jump8 .bmp, .o  
PS_kihon_M .bmp, .o  
PS_kihon_Y .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B10 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B11 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B2 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B3 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B4 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B5 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B6 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B7 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B8 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_B9 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_M10 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_M11 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_M2 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_M3 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_M4 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_M5 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_M6 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_M7 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_M8 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_M9 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_Y10 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_Y11 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_Y2 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_Y3 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_Y4 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_Y5 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_Y6 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_Y7 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_Y8 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_Y9 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_YR10 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_YR11 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_YR2 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_YR3 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_YR4 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_YR5 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_YR6 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_YR7 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_YR8 .bmp, .o  
PS_kyoro_YR9 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn1 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn2 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn3 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn4 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn5 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn6 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn7 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_L1 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_L2 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_L3 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_L4 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_L5 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_L6 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_L7 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_back1 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_back2 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_back3 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_back4 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_back5 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_back6 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_back7 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_mae1 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_mae2 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_mae3 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_mae4 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_mae5 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_mae6 .bmp, .o  
PS_turn_mae7 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B1 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B10 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B11 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B12 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B13 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B14 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B15 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B16 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B2 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B3 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B4 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B5 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B6 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B7 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B8 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_B9 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M1 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M10 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M11 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M12 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M13 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M14 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M15 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M16 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M2 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M3 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M4 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M5 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M6 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M7 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M8 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_M9 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y1 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y10 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y11 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y12 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y13 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y14 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y15 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y16 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y2 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y3 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y4 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y5 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y6 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y7 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y8 .bmp, .o  
PS_walk_Y9 .bmp, .o  
SSSS_A .bmp, .o  
SSSS_B .bmp, .o  
SSSS_C .bmp, .o  
balloon .bmp, .o  
balloon01 .bmp, .o  
balloon02 .bmp, .o  
balloon03 .bmp, .o  
balloon04 .bmp, .o  
balloon05 .bmp, .o  
balloon06 .bmp, .o  
balloon07 .bmp, .o  
balloon08 .bmp, .o  
balloon09 .bmp, .o  
balloon10 .bmp, .o  
balloon11 .bmp, .o  
balloon12 .bmp, .o  
balloon13 .bmp, .o  
batabata1 .bmp, .o  
batabata2 .bmp, .o  
batabata3 .bmp, .o  
batabata4 .bmp, .o  
batabata5 .bmp, .o  
batabata6 .bmp, .o  
batabata7 .bmp, .o  
batabata8 .bmp, .o  
bmpfiles N/A  
bomb_1 .bmp, .o  
bomb_2 .bmp, .o  
bomb_3 .bmp, .o  
bomb_4 .bmp, .o  
bomb_5 .bmp, .o  
casle1 .bmp, .o  
casle1p .bmp, .o  
casle3 .bmp, .o  
casle3p .bmp, .o  
casle4 .bmp, .o  
casle4p .bmp, .o  
casle5 .bmp, .o  
casle5p .bmp, .o  
casle6 .bmp, .o  
casle6p .bmp, .o  
casle7 .bmp, .o  
casle7p .bmp, .o  
dokan .bmp, .o  
egg .bmp, .o  
hana .bmp, .o  
hosi1 .bmp, .o  
hosi2 .bmp, .o  
hosi3 .bmp, .o  
hosi4 .bmp, .o  
hosi5 .bmp, .o  
hosi6 .bmp, .o  
hosi7 .bmp, .o  
hosi8 .bmp, .o  
kage0 .bmp, .o  
kagel .bmp, .o  
killer_l1 .bmp, .o  
killer_l2 .bmp, .o  
killer_l3 .bmp, .o  
killer_lA .bmp, .o  
killer_lAA .bmp, .o  
killer_lB .bmp, .o  
killer_lC .bmp, .o  
killer_lD .bmp, .o  
killer_lE .bmp, .o  
killer_s1 .bmp, .o  
killer_s2 .bmp, .o  
killer_s3 .bmp, .o  
killer_sA .bmp, .o  
killer_sAA .bmp, .o  
killer_sB .bmp, .o  
killer_sC .bmp, .o  
killer_sD .bmp, .o  
killer_sE .bmp, .o  
kokamek_a .bmp, .o  
kokamek_c .bmp, .o  
kokamek_d .bmp, .o  
kokamek_e .bmp, .o  
koumori .bmp, .o  
kuki .bmp, .o  
kumo_nuki_l .bmp, .o  
kumo_nuki_r .bmp, .o  
kururi1 .bmp, .o  
kururi2 .bmp, .o  
kururi3 .bmp, .o  
kururi4 .bmp, .o  
kururi5 .bmp, .o  
kururi6 .bmp, .o  
kururi7 .bmp, .o  
kururi8 .bmp, .o  
libyosbmp .a  
mBOX1 .bmp, .o  
mBOX2 .bmp, .o  
omori5t .bmp, .o  
sPPPP_A .bmp, .o  
sPPPP_B .bmp, .o  
sPPPP_C .bmp, .o  
toge .bmp, .o  

Sound (yoshi/sound)

Just as the name might imply this folder contains the sounds used in the demo, it is using a GBA Sound library library called m4alib which you can find out more about in our other post.

M4A Music Library for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

For more information about the M4A Sound library check out this post.

This folder only contains the pre-compiled object files, presumably these have been converted from a sound format and compiled into these for easy linking with the rest of the game.

Sadly the original sound files don’t seem to exist.

File Name Extension Description
SoundDat .o  
Soundfiles N/A List of all sound object files to link to the game, used by the Makefile
bm_atri .o  
c_gaonn .o  
e_derup .o  
e_onpp1 .o  
e_torup .o  
ht_atar .o  
ht_ware .o  
i_b_sx .o  
i_bell .o  
i_bscl .o  
i_drm1 .o  
i_drm2 .o  
i_elsn .o  
i_mari .o  
i_strg .o  
i_timp .o  
i_vb_t .o  
i_vibe .o  
ki_sid2 .o  
km_ukuu .o  
m4aLib .h, .o  
m5t_dsin .o  
mc_gaonn .o  
me_derup .o  
me_onpp1 .o  
me_onpp2 .o  
me_onpp3 .o  
me_torup .o  
mh_kaitn .o  
mht_apir .o  
mht_atar .o  
mht_ware .o  
mki_sid1 .o  
mki_sid2 .o  
mkm_ukuu .o  
mm_1game .o  
mm_gover .o  
mm_title .o  
mov_arra .o  
mtg_raka .o  
mtp_stat .o  
my_dmgn1 .o  
my_dmgn2 .o  
my_dwnau .o  
my_hipha .o  
my_hipkr .o  
my_jmpfm .o  
my_jmph1 .o  
my_jmpst .o  
my_jmpy1 .o  
my_pakon .o  
my_stph1 .o  
my_stpn1 .o  
my_tont1 .o  
my_tont2 .o  
my_upup .o  
ov_arra .o  
ov_basa .o  
ov_hkob .o  
ov_konn .o  
ov_shaa .o  
ov_sir2 .o  
t5_dsin .o  
t5_undr .o  
tg_raka .o  
y_dmgn1 .o  
y_dmgn2 .o  
y_dwnau .o  
y_hipha .o  
y_hipkr .o  
y_jmpfm .o  
y_jmph1 .o  
y_jmpst .o  
y_jmpy1 .o  
y_pakon .o  
y_runtn .o  
y_stph1 .o  
y_stpn1 .o  
y_stpqu .o  
y_tont1 .o  
y_tont2 .o  
y_upup .o  
y_ywiha .o  

Zelda 2 Tech demo