Official N64 SDK Setup (MacOSX/Linux/Win)

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The Official Nintendo 64 software development kit (SDK) was created by a partnership between Silicon Graphics (SGI) and Nintendo to be released with the development hardware produced by SGI and Intelligen Systems (IS).

The SDK was produced for 2 platforms, the first was IRIX which is a Unix os that runs on the SGI workstations, since these workstations were very expensive Nintendo also released the SDK software for PC (MS/Dos & Windows 95).

Setup on MacOSX and Linux

For this tutorial you will need WINE to run the N64 SDK windows pc executables on your OS. As far as I know this is the only way to run the official dev kit unless there is an easier way to use the IRIX (SGI UNIX) executables that were also released.

I personally use CrossOver for Mac that comes with its own, create a new Wine Bottle and you should be good to go.

Step 1 - Download the SDK

I previously used a build from cut couldn’t get it to work, then found this youtube video by Alpha Tango Video which contains a pre-built version that comes with Make/MIPS64 GCC etc so I found that much easier to use. Video is: Installing the Nintendo 64 Development Kit in Windows 2000/98SE and building sample roms - YouTube

Step 2 - Run the installers through WINE

Extract the ISO from Step 1 and run the following in bash:

wineconsole install.bat

This should open lots of installers, one after another similar to the youtube video but running in WINE.

Step 3 - Find the Install location

This will depend what version of WINE and which platform, I was using MacOSX so my C:/ drive location was:


Step 4 - Setup the environment Variable

First go to directory: ~/.wine/drive_c/nintendo and run the following command in bash:

wineconsole N64.BAT

This will setup all the environment variables, note that I got an error saying

Can't recognize '' as an internal or external command, or batch script.

This is just because of the line endings being different you can ignore it.

Step 5 - Try to Compile a sample..

In the same wineconsole that you opened in step 4 (as it now has all the environment variables setup in that console), cd to C:\nintendo\n64kit\nusys\sample\nu0 and run make….

You will notice that absolutely nothing happens, this is because all the executables are 16-bit and Wine doesn’t support them. So since we want to run it as a 32bit application we need to use a tool called exew32.exe which comes with the package, to use it run this in the same wineconsole shell: exew32 make

This will create a .n64 rom but I have always found I need to change the file extension to .z64 for emulators as it is technically in that format.

Linker Issues

gspF3DEX2.fifo.o File not found

If you get the following error:

c:/ultra/gcc/mipse/bin/ld.out: cannot open c:\ultra/usr/lib/PR/gspF3DEX2.fifo.o: #2 File not found

For some reason some of the libraries have been renamed instead of .fifo they have _fifo, you will need to rename these as a batch.

Official Nintendo SDK Documentation