Mario Kart 64

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Introduction to Mario Kart 64

The Game was made by Nintendo EAD and was released in Europe on June 24th, 1997. The development team consisted of 8 programmers under the lead of Masato Kimura, 7 artists under the direction of Visual Director Tadashi Sugiyama, Audio by Taro Bando and all being supervised by the producer Shigeru Miyamoto 1.

The source code is almost completely written in C and compiled with IDO C compiler (Unknown version).

Documentation about Mario Kart 64

2D Graphics & Rendering




Sounds and Music

Text and Localisation


Mario Kart 64 World Viewer

image alt text

This is a very cool tool, it actually allows you to see the tracks from Mario Kart 64 in your web browser! I wish more tools were developed as client side web apps as they are much more cross-platform friendly and don’t require the hassle of download/dependencies etc.

The project also contains documentation for the Mario Kart 64 rom file, specifying key addresses of track and texture information. Very useful for anyone wanting to create their own tracks for this classic game!

You can view the project and even download the source code on github:

Mario Kart 64 Kart Viewer