Official PlayStation 3 Development Kit (Hardware)

Edit on Github | Updated: 28th September 2020

This post covers the hardware used to develop Playstation 3 games by major studios back in the day, for the software side see the post on the Official PS3 SDK.

PlayStation 3 DECR-1000A Reference Tool

You can have up to 2 hard drives, one was used for the Firmware/Operating system and the other one would be used as a Virtual Blu-ray drive 1.

This saves time as you didn’t need to keep burning a Blu-ray disk for every build of the game you want to run. It would waste a lot of time and burning can be notoriously flakey.

There was also a Floor switch to create an instant core dump for debugging purposes.

In order to connect to your development PC there was a DEV LAN ethernet port so you could run and debug right from your PC’s IDE.

There was also a vertical stand for anyone that didn’t want to rack mount it or just keep it horizontal.