Net Yaroze - The PS1 Consumer Dev Kit

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Introduction to the Net Yaroze

The Net Yaroze was a consumer development kit for the Playstation 1, it consisted of a customised retail console with the ability to connect to a developer PC. It cost about £550 in the UK 1 was black in colour and was also used by various Universities to teach game development to their students.

Net Yaroze in the media

EDGE Article

Net Yaroze was featured in the 2000 Christmas edition of the UK Magazine called Edge, it contained interviews with eight programmers who used it to get a start into the games industry 1.

You can read the full article over on Class of 2000

UK Official PlayStation Magazine

Many Yaroze games were included in the free demo disc distributed with the UK Official PlayStation Magazine and for many was an introduction to homebrew games!

Developing for the Net Yaroze

Special Thanks to XPCoin, who is one of the few people who have documented the process of developing for Net Yaroze on YouTube! Check him out here:

Yaroze games on the NUON DVD games console

Believe it or not a few games built on the Net Yaroze were ported to the relatively obscure NUON platform 2, they were ported by a site called DragonShadow Industries. The way this was done is rather interesting, they were porting their own game Decaying Orbit to the NUON and instead of fully reqriting the games source code, they created a wrapper library that simulated some of the Net Yaroze librarys. This has the benefit of allowing multiple Net Yaroze games to be ported to the NUON with little code modification required!

The games released for the NUON that were developed for Net Yaroze are as follows:

  • Decaying Orbit by DragonShadow Industries
  • Katapila by Ben James
  • Invs by Philippe-Andre Lorin
  • BreakDown by Chris Wallace

Unfortunetly the source code for this library was never released, so the games that can be ported are limited to the above list for now.