Game Industry Museums and Virtual Experiences

Edit on Github | Updated: 17th May 2024

Virtual Experiences


Built in Unity Auto Museum 64 is a virtual Museum of 3D Vehicles from a variety of Nintendo 64 games.

It was built by leoburke and is available on Auto Museum 64 by leoburke

This kind of experience is very cool, but it would be much better if it was in the browser (e.g WebGL) as its not something you would go back to often but it is something that would be good to share links with friends.

Hopefully this will be the start of more Virtual museums that showcase 3d models or even maps from 3D video games.

Virtual Experience Ideas

Virtual Game Shop

Sadly due to the pandemic and the move to online downloads many of the excellent Specialist Video Game Stores have closed down. Many of us who grew up with them have nostalgic memories of their rows and rows of brand new boxed video games for whatever the current Sega/Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft console was hot at the time.

A VR experience to simulate a Video Game shop with customisable games/posters/shelves/magazines/consoles would be a pretty relaxing experience, probably not exactly a big seller but would have its niche.