Sega Dreamcast Katana Development Kit Hardware

Edit on Github | Updated: 28th September 2020

GD-X Duplicator (HKT-01)

Hardware unit to duplicate GD-ROMs, not used for development but useful for duplicating discs for testers.

You can see a video of the GD-X Duplicator by Adam Koralik here: (191) Keep Dreaming - Sega Dreamcast GD-X Duplicator HKT-01 - Adam Koralik - YouTube

GD-Writer (HKT-04)

The GD-Writer is used by developers to burn GD-R discs which are a writable version of the Dreamcast GD-ROMs.

You can see the GD-Writer in action in this video by Adam Koralik: (191) Keep Dreaming - Sega Dreamcast GD-Writer HKT-04 - Adam Koralik - YouTube

In order to use the GD-Writer hardware you would need to run a program called GD Workshop on your dreamcast DEV.BOX.


[^1] Keep Dreaming by Adam Koralik -