Compiling an Official Sega Saturn Sample (SDK)

Edit on Github | Updated: 17th May 2024

This guide will walk you through compiling the official Sega Saturn samples which are part of the Sega Basic Library.

Building START (STRT) library

This needs to be built before any of the samples as it contains common code for booting up a game.

The library can be compiled with Hitachi toolchain or the GNU toolchain, each one requires slightly different code.


The Start code is split into two different versions based on the compiler toolchain that the developer wants to use. The _H version is for the Hitachi toolchain and the _G is for the GNU Toolchain.

Compiling for Hitachi (STRT2_H)

You can run the following commands to build with the Hitachi toolchain:


The first step assembles STRT1_H.SRC which can be executed with wineconsole on mac or linux.

The second step is more tricky as it requires a few additional files to compile the STRT2_H.C .

The first error will complain about not being able to find stdlib.h as it was not present with the Dreamcast SDK version of the Hitachi compiler:

STRT2_H.C(11) : 2005 (E) Cannot open include file "stdlib.h"
..\..\segalib\include\machine.h(4) : 2500 (E) Illegal token "void"

In order to fix this you can use the Include folder from the PSYQ SDK. And also comment out a piece in sys/config.h

The second error I have been unable to fix complains about shcnpic.lib missing:

** 211 CANNOT FIND FILE(..\..\..\sh\lib\shcnpic.lib)

The library shcnpic.lib is for handling of Position Independent Code (PIC) for the SH series of cpus.

General File System 1A (SMPGFS1A)

Part of the Sega Basic Library samples.


Calls shc and lnk for the Samplke (SMP) for the General File System (GFS).

You can find both shc.exe and lnk.exe from the Hitachi SH2 SDK provided as part of a Dreamcast SDK.


SHC is the C compile provided for the SH processors by Hitachi.

Running SHC:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Hitachi\
set SHC_LIB=C:\Hitachi\
set SHC_TMP=.

(0) : 3021 (F) Memory overflow

This happened when I set the SHC_LIB directory wrong. To fix it make sure this environment variable is set to where the hitachi compiler executables are.


Uses gcc to compile the *.c files and gasm to assemble the assembly files.

Libraries Included

name | purpose —|— segadgfs.a | General File System sega_cdc.a | sega_csh.a | sega_dma.a | Direct Memory Access sega_int.a | Interrupt handling