Playstation 1 File Formats

Edit on Github | Updated: 4th May 2019

File Formats used to distribute PS1 Discs

A Playstation One CD can either be directly put into your PC via the CD-ROM drive or mounting a .BIN/.ISO file. All of these are just ways to be able to see the contents of a PS1 Disc similar to a folder of files.

Extension Description
.BIN A BIN file needs a .CUE file in order to be useful, it is the raw binary contents of a PS1 disc
.CUE A CUE sheet describes a .BIN file and can be mounted on a pc to reveal the file system of the disc
.ISO A ISO file can be mounted on a pc to reveal the file system of the disc

File formats Located on the PS1 Disc

After mounting a PS1 Disc ISO/BIN/CUE you can view the file system of the Disc and you will see files with a variety of extensions, some of these extensions are standard across games and are listed in the table below.

Extension Description
.STR Streaming Movie
.BS MDEC Stream
.XA Streaming CD-ROM Vocals
.RSD 3D Model files
.TMD 3D Model files (for PSYQ libraries)
.PMD High speed Modelling data
.TOD Animation Data
.HMD Hierarchical 3D Model plus animation and other data
.TIM 2D Image file
.SDF Sprite Editor Project File
.PXL Pixel Image Data
.CLT Palette Data
.ANM Animation informaton for 2D
.TSQ Animation Time sequence for 2D
.CEL Cell Data
.BGD Background Map Data
.SEQ Audio Sequence file
.SEP Multi-Track Audio Sequence file
.VAG Audio Wavefile
.VAB Audio Source Data
.DA CD-DA Data
.FAT Memory Card File