PS2 Games with Debug Symbols (UnStripped Binaries)

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PS2 Retail Games with Debug Symbols

Game Developer Release Date Ps2 SDK Source
Timesplitters Free Radical Design / Eidos Interactive Oct 23, 2000 PS2SDK 2.0.0 PAL Europe ISO
Resident Evil Code Veronica X Capcom Aug 21, 2001 PS2SDK 2.1.3 5,464 symbols 1
Crazy Taxi Acclaim Studios Cheltenham, Hitmaker May 15, 2001 PS2SDK 2.1.4 1
Piposaru 2001 (Japan) SIE Japan Studio 5 July 2001 PS2SDK 2.1.4 1
Jak and Daxter Naughty Dog 3 December 2001 PS2SDK 2.2.1 1
Shadow Hearts Sacnoth / Midway Dec 11, 2001 PS2SDK 2.2.2 1
ICO (PAL) Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio Sep 24, 2001 PS2SDK 2.2.4 Symbols seem to be in MAIN.MAP, SRCFILE.TXT and TRFILE.txt - need to find a script to parse them 1
LEGO Racers 2 Attention Software Sep 27, 2001 PS2SDK 2.2.4 2
Devil May Cry Capcom Oct 16, 2001 PS2SDK 2.2.4 1
Fatal Frame Tecmo Dec 13, 2001 PS2SDK 2.2.4 1
Grand Theft Auto III DMA Design Oct 22, 2001 PS2SDK 2.3.0 1
Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht Monolith Soft 28 February 2002 PS2SDK 2.4.2 1
007 Nightfire Eurocom / Electronic Arts Nov 18, 2002 PS2SDK 2.4.3 3
Virtual Fighter 4 Evolution (Korean version) SEGA Aug 13, 2003 PS2SDK 2.5.5 1
Jak II Naughty Dog 14 October 2003 PS2SDK 2.7.1 1
Fatal Frame 2 Tecmo Dec 10, 2003 PS2SDK 2.8.0 1
Ghost Master 2003 Empire Interactive Beta PS2SDK 2.8.0 3,610 symbols [Emuparadise]
Resident Evil 4 Capcom Oct 25, 2005 PS2SDK 3.0.0 7,402 in .sndata segment (SN Systems compiler?) 1
Shadow of the Colossus (PAL) Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio October 18, 2005 PS2SDK 3.0.2 Has symbols in .XFF files which can be parsed with a script 4

Potential Games to try

  • Growlanser 3 1


sp193 on Assembler Games mentions that the Sound module also has debug information in it 1:

The OSDSND module from the Protokernel boot ROM (SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000) also has debugging information left over in it. 
This module is actually the tentative sound driver library (librspu2) that was mentioned within the SONY SDK, and was the predecessor to libsd. 
The funny thing is that the one in the expansion-bay boot ROMs is newer than the one that comes in the Sony PS2SDK (even in release v3.02).

l_oliveira on the same Assembler Games forum topic states that most of the games with debug symbols were compiled with the earlier 2.x.x SDK rather than the later 3.x.x SDK 1. He then goes on to mention an interesting tidbit about Arcade code still having debug symbols in it, even when they strip the Ps2 version of the same game (e.g Konami).

Also the IRX I/O processor modules rarely if ever have any debug symbols due to most games not developing their own IOP modules and the limit of the 2MB memory for the modules 1.

Interesting Notes

Piposaru 2001 (Japan)

Piposaru 2001 contains two IOPRP*.IMG files (IOPRP205.IMG and IOPRP214.IMG) so presumably both 2.0.5 and 2.1.4 versions of the PS2SDK were used during development. In the MCMAN.IRX the string PsIImcman 2020 exists which suggests it was built using PS2SDK version 2.0.2. In the main binary elf file it also mentions PsIIlibkernl2050 again suggesting 2.0.5. I have marked the game as using 2.1.4 since that is the most recent version used.

Games without Debug Symbols

Game Developer Release Date Ps2 SDK Source
Ridge Racer V Namco 4th March 2000 PS2SDK 1.5.0 Uses very early SDK
Bloody Roar 4 Hudson Soft, Eighting 11th November 2003 PS2SDK 2.8.0 Has Renderware SDK 3.5 in DUMMY folder
Xenosaga Episode II - Jenseits von Gut und Boese (Europe) Monolith Soft 24th June 2004 PS2SDK 2.7.1 No symbols but we can compare to Episode I which does have symbols

PS2 ELF Format


Name Description
.bss Contains statically-allocated variables that are not initialized.
.ctors Constructors
.dtors Destructors
.data Contains initialized static variables (global variables and static local variables)
.eh_frame Exception Handling (EH) Frame, contains DWARF2 unwind info for exceptions [] []
.jcr GCJ Java section (gcc always puts this in executables even when not using Java)
.rodata Read-only data (constant variable values)
.sdata Small initialised Data (MIPS)
.sbss Small uninitialised statically-allocated variables
.text Contains the Code (functions)
abs Absolute Symbols
extern External Symbols


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