Wii Games with Debug Symbols

Edit on Github | Updated: 21st September 2020

How to extract wii Wads into .app files

First you need to use wii.cs tools called WadMii.exe (you can run this in wine on MacOSX or Linux) and point it at the .wad file and give it an extract location.

This will generate a bunch of .app files, you will notice each of these .app files has the file header of ā€œ55 AA 38 2Dā€ or U.8-.

How to extract .app files

You can use a GUI tool such as U8Mii.exe or a command line interface such as ARCTool

wine U8Mii.exe 

With ARC Tool

You can download ARCTool here: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/ARCTool

Line Attack example:

python ARCTool.py ./lineattack/00000002.app

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