Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) - Reverse engineering & Modding

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Interested in learning more about the the SNES? Excellent! This section will guide you through the basics, starting from basic assembly language all the way to an introduction to reverse engineering your first game!

State of SNES Emulation

Every three years byuu creates an excellent article on the current status of Super Nintento Emulation, currently the latest version is from 2019, it covers both bsnes and higen.

SNES Emulation Status 2019

The latest status of Super Nintendo emulation, including new and upcoming features for bsnes and higen

The Polygons of Another World

The polygons of Another World

The polygons of Another World

Game Modification

Excellent video by Displaced Gamers on how to edit SRAM saves for a Link to the Past on Super Nintendo, this is not actually ROM Hacking as the ROM is exactly the same, it is only the SRAM that is modified.

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