Nintendo Switch Game Engines

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When reverse engineering games, one of the first things to find out is which engine the game is based on, this will save a considerable amount of time if it is based on a standard engine that is well documented.

This page will list only the confirmed engines for each game along with proof that the game3 was built with that engine, so the list won’t contain every game, but any game on the list you can be confident it was based on the engine listed.


Unity3d has supported the Nintendo Switch right from launch and the dev tools are distributed by Nintendo themselves rather than by Unity. Developers need to have signed up for a Nintendo Developer account to be granted access to download the Unity plugin to allow exporting to Switch 1.

Reverse Engineering & Modding

Unity3D games are compiled from .net byte code down to C++ when generating a Nintendo Switch version. This makes it harder than standard Unity reverse engineering as the generated native code is harder to decompile than .net byte code.

There are tools than support dumping the data from Unity NRO games such as the Il2CppDumper:

You should always backup Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat as it contains debug symbols for the game.

Games built with Unity

Game Name Proof of engine
Ash of Gods: Redemption Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat
Black Future 88 Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat
Cat Quest contains file unity_builtin_extra
Children of Morta contains file unity_builtin_extra
Harvest Moon Light of Hope contains file unity_builtin_extra
Horizon Chase Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat
Human Fall Flat contains file unity_builtin_extra
Mountain Rescue Simulator Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat
Riot Civil Unrest contains file Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat
RPG Maker MV contains file unity_builtin_extra
Saturday morning RPG contains file unity_builtin_extra
Snow Moto Racing Freedom Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat
Songbird Symphony Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat
Stranded Sails: Explorers of the cursed Islands Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD contains file: data.unity3d
The World Ends with You Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat
Two Point Hospital Managed/Metadata/global-metadata.dat

Clickteam Fusion

Clickteam Fusion is a game creation tool created by Clickteam mainly for 2D games. Clickteam also provide a paid-for-service to convert games made in their engine to consoles including the Nintendo Switch 2.


Game Name | Proof of engine —|— Aggelos | executable contains E:\_Clickteam\Proffesional Services\Aggelo Odallus | executable contains E:\_Clickteam\Proffesional Services\Degerati Projects\Odallu Oniken | executable contains E:\_Clickteam\Proffesional Services\Degerati Projects\Oniken

Game Maker

Game Maker is an easy to use 2D game creation software created by Mark Overmars and bought by YoYo games. In October 2018 they released an export module for GameMaker Studio 2 to allow direct export into a Nintendo Switch executable.


Game Name | Proof of engine —|— Undertale | string in main executable: SDK MW+YoYoGames+GameMaker_Studio_2-

Haxe (


Game Name | Proof of engine —|— Dead Cells | contains string C:/Projects/haxeTools/lib/hashlink/src/alloc.c

MonoGame (XNA)


Game Name | Proof of engine —|— Timespinner | contains string: D:/Projects/Switch/MonoGame.

Unreal Engine 4

The Unreal Engine was developed by Epic Games initially for their game Unreal but later evolved to become a product in itself with many 3rd party games studios taking advantage of its power.


Game Name Proof of engine
Bioshock remastered engine.u
GRIP Combat racing UE4CommandLine.txt
Hello Neighbour Hide and Seek UE4CommandLine.txt
Jumanji UE4CommandLine.txt
Monster JAM Crush it UE4CommandLine.txt
Narcos Rise Of the Cartels UE4CommandLine.txt
Trials of Mana UE4CommandLine.txt


Havok is a popular physics engines that has been ported to the Nintendo switch.


Game Name Proof of engine
Dark Souls  

Other Engines

Game Name Details
ARMS Possibly using parts of the Mario Kart engine?
The Binding of Isaac  
Retro City Rampage Custom
Skyrim Creation Engine (GameBryo)
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus id Tech 6