3D Software used in Retro-era Game Development

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This post will focus on 3D software used to produce commercial video games in the 90s up until the 2010s due to the focus of this site being retro game development.

The table below shows some of the most popular 3D software for the games industry along with who made them and the price they sold for:

Name Company Price Notes
Visual Reality 2.0 Visual Software very little information on this after 1996 (website in 1999 doesn’t mention it: Wayback Machine)  
Lightwave 3D 4.0 DPS £816.63 1995

3D Studio (Max)

3D Studio (later 3D Studio Max) is an incredibly popular 3D modeling software in the games industry and it is still going strong today (as of 2022).

We have a separate post on 3D studio Max which you can find below:

3D Studio (Max)

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