Cleaning up n64split assembly code

Edit on Github | Updated: 3rd March 2023

Install n64split on mac

In order to compile n64split you need to run a few commands: brew install capstone brew install libyaml export C_INCLUDE_PATH=../sm64tools:/usr/local/Cellar/capstone/4.0.1/include/:/usr/local/Cellar/libyaml/0.2.1/include && export LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/opt/capstone/lib/:/usr/local/Cellar/libyaml/0.2.1/lib:/usr/local/Cellar/libpng/1.6.36/lib && make

Generate undefined_syms.txt

I have a script that generates the undefined_syms.txt file for you:

Error: macro used $at after “.set noat”

You need to add the following to line 6 of the generated .s file:

.set gp=64

Invalid operands


Error: invalid operands `mfc2 $s1,$k1,0'
Error: invalid operands `lwc2 $t5,%lo(D_00FF1C00)($a0)'
Error: invalid operands `sync 9'

opcode not supported on this processor


Error: opcode not supported on this processor: vr4300 (mips3) `madd $a0,$zero'
opcode not supported on this processor: vr4300 (mips3) `lsa $zero,$zero,$a0,1'
opcode not supported on this processor: vr4300 (mips3) `mfhc1 $k0,$f0'

Error: branch address range overflow


Error: branch out of range

Known problems with n64split disasm (and objdump)

Mario64 JP

It incorrectly disassembles 00a03821 to move a3,a1 which reassembles to 00a03825, it should instead be addu $a3, $a1, $zero.

Can’t find matching LO16 reloc against D_0F50EE51' for R_MIPS_HI16 at 0x75d240 in section.text80246000’

You have a %hi() but no %lo()

(it’s impossible to have just a single %hi, because if you do %hi/lo(some_address + some_offset), that offset is stored in the %lo instruction)

Making the rom relocatable.

Ram to rom

sub ram_to_rom { my $ram = $_[0]; if ($ram » 16 == 0x8033) { return $ram - 0x80246000 + 0x001000; } elsif ($ram » 16 == 0x8038) { return $ram - 0x80378800 + 0x0F4210; } elsif ($ram » 16 == 0x801A) { return $ram - 0x8016F000 + 0x21D7D0; } }

todo: write a script that loops through each line and then when it finds a .byte it will mark all the rest as .byte until label line then loop in reverse and do the same until it reaches a jump or branch or ret instruction also could mark labels as deleted if they point to byte

sed -n 197097p yourGameName.region.split/yourGameName.region.s